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Old CDs - Earn Cash from Selling Your Old CDs
Recycle Your Old CDs For Cash;
Do you have any old CDs you no longer listen to lying around? if so you can now earn money from selling your old CD's, one UK company will pay you cash for recycling them;

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Music Magpie
Music magpie is the UKs only site for turning your old CDs into cash with over £160,000 paid out so far to customers. If you need to make some space in your house or have upgraded to digital then you can now make money from your old CD album collection.

Simply enter the details of your CD's, find out what each are worth and musicmagpie will send you the packaging you need to send them back.

Music magpie allows you to turn all your unwanted CDs into cash. For all CDs sold to them, the disk must work with the original art work, covers & booklets and CD case being in a good condition.

Sell them your CDs now by following these easy steps;

Type in the barcode of each CD you want to sell and music magpie will offer you their best price based on the current market value.

You can sell a minimum of 5 CDs and up to 250 CD's at one time. You can also sell more again in the future after your first order of up to 250 CD's is complete.

Register as a new user to their website.

Suitable packaging will then be sent to your address to cover all the CD's you are selling.

When you receive the packaging stick the return address label onto it and pack your CDs following the instructions set out on the delivery note.

Post the package back to musicmagpie.

When they receive the CD's and have checked to make sure they are all correct you will be sent by return post a cheque for the full amount of the CDs.

It could not be easier so start checking how much money you can make from your unwanted CD albums right now.